Saturday, September 5, 2009

This Week's Menu

Ramadhan is a trickster. Those who don't know, this is a Muslim holiday during which people fast from ALL things, food, water, sex, anything enjoyable, from sunup to sundown, for 30 days.

Why is Ramadhan a trickster? Every year i tell myself, "hey! maybe we will at least save money on groceries this month..." my Muslim husband and his bottomless pit of a stomach will not be feasting on our dollars all day long! I fool myself. turns out, fasting all day makes you want heartier, meatier, bigger meals at night..all night long.... not to mention making me want to make special treats from his country to ease his suffering.... So then I find that instead of my expected shrink in the grocery budget, i have no spent twice as much (i.e. 20 dollars on ingredients for makroud cookies) and now, 15 days into ramadhan, I have used up every piece of meat in the house, outside of soup scraps.

So, What am I getting at? I DONT WANNA GO TO THE HALLAL MARKET!!! every time I go there I spend 100 bucks on Hallal meat, and only come home with what I would buy for 50 bucks in the regular grocery store, and the flavor you say... Blah. AM I BITCHING? yes, I am. 5 dollars a pound for hamburger? grey colored freezer burned hamburger (ok now i really am bitching, because I find the hamburger far superior to the grocery store stuff, but thats IT) tiny poorly plucked chickens? ok ok,,,enough.

My point is. This week, if i am going to spend redicoulous amounts of money on protiens, they might as well be priced the same for all Americans, because they are yummy delectable "fruits de mer" or fruits of the sea..... and so on...

So begins seafood week of chadyas kitchen dramas. stay tuned for tonights steamed crab and shrimp dumplings, tomorrow's spicy Octopus stew, and whatever else comes my way....

a bientot



  1. good luck with the octopus. i have liked it in central market's ciopinno, probably because they use tender little baby octopus, but usually it is much, much too chewy.

  2. you have to cook it very short or very long. two hours or more