Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just Curry

by Andrea

Yes, its just chicken curry, but in truth the first REAL curry i've ever made. It turns out to be a very easy, tasty dinner. You'll need:

One medium onion, chopped
3 small potatoes, diced small (i used blue)
1 lb chicken, diced
1 fresh chili, chopped very small
1 tsp red curry paste
1 can pineapple
1 can coconut milk
salt, to taste

cooked rice (I used long grain brown, I would also recommend Jasmine rice)

start with your favorite sauteing fat in the pan (i used coconut oil to complement the coconut milk) you could also try ghee, refer to my next post on how to make that. Heat it up to medium-hi.

Add onions and cook a little bit, then add the potatoes. Add chili. Cook until onions are soft and potatoes about half-done. Add chicken, and cook at least halfway.Salt to taste. Add curry paste and incorporate evenly through the mixture. Add pineapple. Add entire can of coconut milk and mix together, simmer for about 15 minutes to finish chicken and potatoes and let the flavors get to know each other while the sauce reduces.

Serve over rice. This is much less spicy than i expected, but it will depend on what kind of chili you use and how much curry paste. It also wasn't overwhelmingly coconutty, which is what I've always feared with using coconut milk.

Yummy, and a very versatile recipe. Don't want chicken? try pork or beef, or tofu for a vegetarian alternative. Don't want pineapple? Skip it. No potatoes? Try cauliflower instead. Curry is much more of a method than a specific recipe, which is why I think it will be a new stand-by in my kitchen repetoir.

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