Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Top 20 ingredients of all time.

1. Capers
2. Sambal oleck (korean chile paste)
3. Vital Wheat Gluten
4. Cumin, coriander, paprika, cloves, salt, and pepper. The staple spice mix
5. Soy sauce (THE most versatile flavoring, from American stews to Asian food, this one is a real chameleon.)
6. Yellow curry powder
7. Coconut Milk
8. Almond Extract
9. Golden Raisins
10. Spaghetti sauce in a jar
11. Canned Clams and Clam Juice
12. Jasmine Rice
13. green olives (without pimentos)
14. Balsamic Vinegar
15. Cinnamon
16. Worcestershire sauce (transforms burgers and meatloaf, try it)
17. Wasabi and Horseradish
18. Bouillon cubes
19. Honey
20. lemon and lime juice

This list also constitutes things that can be found in my pantry at all times. Many of them are a quick easy way to add dramatic flavor to a staple dish. Clam juice can replace water in a paella or other seafood and rice dish, for example, for an added boost of salty sea flavor.

tonight, I make pizza..... stay tuned.

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