Monday, September 7, 2009

Some administrative apologies

So i want to apologize for a couple things. although my apologies dont necessarily mean i plan to change. so i guess its not an apology but an explaination.

I know my grammar and punctuation is bad. there are three reasons for this and none are illiteracy. 1 is i am lazy and i hate capitalizing things. 2 is that i think i should just write like i am feeling and not worry about the rules, and 3 is that my keyboard is wierd and my typing skills have been declining for some reason.

my pictures could be better. and they will. my problem now is ramadhan. dinner must be ready at sundown. my camera takes bad pics without sunlight, given that its a phone. someday i will dig my real camera out if its hiding place. until then or after ramadhan is over, you (whoever you are) will have to deal with it. he he.

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