Wednesday, September 23, 2009

healthy things my 2 year old will eat.

This is an important catagory. i would like to add "that i can make in minutes" because healthy and easy dont always match, and this is what leads us to do things like...hand baby a frozen waffle and call it good. breakfast is the easiest meal to please with, because breads are always a hit. i think bread has a bad rap, and the RIGHT bread is super nutritious. as an American, i never feel right if i havent had some bread each day.

  • French Toast with honey and whole grain bread
  • Peanut Butter Toast with apples or banana's (this works for lunch too)
  • Oatmeal with fresh or dried fruit and milk, sweetened with honey or cider. 
  • Whole Grain Waffles with peanut butter 
  • Quick breads such as zucchini, banana, or pumpkin bread HOME MADE in advance 
  • Breakfast cookies (recipe below) 
  • English muffin or french bread pizza, made by you
  • mashed potato and carrots with boiled egg yolk (sounds boring but kader LOVES it) 
  • PB&J
  • bean burrito  with cheese and tomatoes
  • homemade lentil soup, (make a big batch and freeze in small containers) 
  • cheese toast with tomato slices 
  • cottage cheese with fruit
  • beans and rice 
  • meatballs or meatloaf (make ahead and freeze, take out one or two, reheat, and voila) 
Dinner he eats whatever we are eating, although sometimes adapted to be toddler friendly, such as squished together so he can spoon it up.

Hope that helps, PLEASE, feel free to post your own tips, if you wish.

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