Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brown sugar Bourbon apple filling.

I cant  really give you a recipe for this, just an ingredient list. I start with the apples and just keep adding stuff until it is like i want. (by tasting!). Its simple. and great. this is the best i have ever made, and its because i ran out of white sugar, and had to use brown. then halfway through i though the bourbon would add an extra layer of caramel-like depth to it. yum.

apple selection is important. mine came straight from the farm and they are not granny smiths. granny smith has its place but a good quality apple is key here. when i tasted the finished product, the flavor of one of the highest rated apples came through and socked me in the face...

9-10 pounds firm apples.( i used honeycrisp)
brown sugar

let this cook for long enough for the alcohol to cook out, and the sugar to start to smell like caramel. remember to mix the apples and cornstarch with some sugar before starting the heat so you dont get clumps.

I canned these in quart jars to save for a cold winter day....

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