Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hot and Sour

This was an utter accident. I AM NOT CLAIMING THIS IS TRADITIONAL IN ANY WAY!! i was making pot roast and one mistake was fixed by one thing, and another was added...and so on. The reason i call it hot and sour soup is that the broth is so similar. the ingredients, however, are very different. this is a soup so as always, veggies and meats may vary. this was the only broth Yacine ever told me to keep in the freezer for later.

one pot roast
oil for browning

2 beef bullion cubes
1/8 cup soy sauce
1 tsp Korean chili paste (sambal olek) or chili paste of choice
1 tbsp sugar
red wine vinegar
celery leaves from a bunch of celery (optional) 

one sliced onion, some mushrooms, bamboo shoots, anything else you wish. scallions would be good instead of onions, and so on.

heat the oil. salt the meat liberally. brown every side very well. i like to see every inch browned until almost crisp. cover with water. simmer on low for 4 hours. add flavorings except vinegar, simmer another half hour. add veggies. one more half hour or until veggies are cooked and meat is falling apart tender. add vinegar, a few splashes at a time, until it is to your liking. add more sugar if needed, or more chili paste. it all depends on what you like.

shred the meat ( it should take nooo effort). serve in the soup or on the side. i made sandwiches with the meat and the soup was a sort of french dip au jus.


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