Friday, July 2, 2010

yogurt and feta tarts

These are real easy if you use store bought pie crust. I think it also would be good in puff pastry cups. You can also use any savory pie crust. If you make homemade crust you could add fresh herbs like thyme, basil, whatever you have. This is an adaptation of a Greek recipe so keep that in mind. You may also add a little chopped olive or tepanade. This is the simple version to be used as a template. I used American yogurt, strained overnight. Greek yogurt was too expensive for a tiny cup of it, so i used my imagination.

2 pie crusts
4 eggs
1 cup greek yogurt or strained plain yogurt.
4 oz crumbled feta (flavored if you wish)
2 tbsp  herbs of your choosing
1/2 tps salt

cut out rounds of pie crust with a round object about twice the size of your cupcake tins or vessel. Press them into your cupcake tins like you are making a pie. mix all remaining ingredients together until creamy. fill crusts entirely. bake at 450 degrees until just golden brown and puffy. (they will fall as they cool). serve warm or cold.

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  1. That is not to say that i couldn't afford 1/2 cup of greek yogurt for 1.69. its just, for the same price i could get a ton of regular yogurt. and i am a practical person.