Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home made marachino cherries with a twist.

These are alcohol free, unlike most recipes I found on the net. It is important that they sit at least two weeks before you eat them. This is a good use if you buy out of season cherries that are too sour or too flavorless, as the sugar brings out the flavor. I used almond extract because I love amaretto and thought it would be similar.

This is in the ratio I used, as I came back from cherry picking only to discover this season gave me 10 pounds of too tart to eat out of hand cherries. 12 cups is enough for a box of pint canning jars. change ratios as needed.

This is too simple. So far i have used them for cookies and to make cherry coke. the syrup can be used for flavoring after the cherries are gone.

12 cups pitted sweet cherries
 1 cup sugar
2 tsp almond extract

And that's it. mix, let sit a while so the sugar can draw out the liquid. Fill jars with cherries and liquid. make sure the cherries are fully covered with liquid, adding water if needed.

Place jars in hot water to seal and refrigerate 2 weeks or more. use as ice cream topping, cake filler, garnish for desserts, drinks, etc.

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