Thursday, July 15, 2010

My New Favorite Fried Chicken Recipe

I discovered something I would never have imagined to be true. Breading on fried chicken is overkill. It adds cooking time, adds fat (through absorption of oil), is more complicated and messy than this recipe, and gets mooshy the next day.

It is important that the sauce is ready in the bowl before the chicken is done, because the hot chicken caramelizes the sauce. this particular recipe is a bbq flavored recipe, because its summer. For a less messy or less sweet version marinate in your favorite marinade BUT be sure to dry it with paper towels before frying or you will not get crispy and you may have explosions. avoid sticky marinades, in favor of say... lemon juice and pepper, or soy sauce with ginger and sesame oil. you can also flavor the finished fried chicken with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and chopped garlic (quickly cooked in a little olive oil). anyway the possibilities are endless.

Lastly it is best to use a small chicken and cut it up yourself. Most grocery stores have fryer packs but the pieces are giant and may not cook thoroughly. organic chickens tend to be small (no growth hormones or salt water injections?) and so are kosher and halal.

Ok here goes.

one chicken, 
cooking oil

1/2 bottle honey BBQ sauce
3 tbsp honey
pinch red pepper flakes (or to your liking)

prepare the chicken. leaving skin on, pat dry. if the breasts are exceptionally large (he he), cut in half. fry in about two inches of hot oil, until golden and very crisp, turn and fry the other side.

mix the sauce ingredients and add hot chicken directly to the bowl. toss to coat.

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