Monday, August 3, 2009

Opening Statements

I am here because my Facebook account is overwhelmingly dominated by food and recipe postings. Being that i love to share new ideas, and i love to invent new recipes, I am here. typing little letters on a page. little letters that add up to my version of art, when my life is too chaotic and busy to paint a painting, or anythings else. I am a mom and I work full time. I find that, in order to get my creativity fix, i must combine my household duties with my artwork. Thus my kitchen dramas.

I appreciate the critique of my two year old, who doesnt say much, but loves his food. A design is nothing if not given his seal of approval, big wide eyes and an MMMMMMM. (this is emphasized especially in the case of COOKIE DOUGH!)

I also would like to point out that some ingredients used, while they can be expensive, can be found more reasonably priced if you are careful. i will include shopping tips when these cases arise. I often need the services of my local asian, mexican, and arabian markets for ingredients. Know where yours is.

With the shift in emphasis on organic and more healthful ingredients, remember that substitutions can be made for white sugar, white flour, butter, and so on. The best thing about cooking is that a recipe can be simply a template, and like this blog can be customized. Most of my recipes are my interpretations on a classic, or a general formula. like a quick bread or a cookie can be made from anything, if you know the ratios.

And so, without further ado, I will introduce my blog, where pungent and spicy ingredients like vineger, capers, smoked fish, anchovies, bleu cheese, curry, and peppers take center stage. Where a great cookie can be inspired by a great cocktail, or a simple peppercorn. where bread is never ever made in a food processor, and rarely is a box used, as getting your hands dirty is almost a requirement.

Chadya's Kitchen Dramas.....

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